Are you Licensed and insured?
Your pilot is licensed by the Federal Aviation Association as a commercial Lighter than air pilot with many years of experience. We are also fully insured by a very reputable insurance company that specifically insures balloonists. Your safety is very import to us.

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, a waiver is required by our insurance company and will be provided usually during the ride to our launch site. If the passenger in a minor, he will need to have a parent or guardian sign for him/her.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of passengers? 
The minimum number of passengers is two and the maximum number of passengers is six in one gondola. Please provide us with your weight in lbs which we use for flight planning purpose.

How do we get back?
At our meeting place you will leave your car in the parking lot and get in the chase vehicle to ride to a launch site. From there we will make our flight while the chase vehicle follows us. After landing and our Champagne ceremony, we will return you to your car.

How long is the flight?
We make every effort to make the flight last as long as possible. The flights duration vary with the ever changing winds. If the winds are light and the direction is favorable we can expect to get a flight that lasts between 45 min and an hour. We usually cover about six to fifteen miles.


Should we bring a camera?
YES! Please feel free to bring your camera along for the flight. We exchange email addresses after the flight to trade pictures. If there is more than one balloon flying on that particular day, we can trade pictures with the passengers from the other balloon(s) to get a different perspective. If you would like them posted to our site , please email them to us and we will do so.

Should we call before the flight to check the status for possible weather concerns?
Absolutely, we encourage all of our passengers to call within two to three days before the flight to get a general sense of what the weather is going to be like on the day of their flight. On The night before the flight, we will make contact once again to confirm that weather is acceptable and the flight is going to operate.

We can never give you a 100% guarantee that we are good to go until we are in real time at the launch site. A flight will likely be cancelled when any of the following basic weather forecast is applicable:

  1.  Surface wind speed is greater than 6 MPH or winds aloft are too fast
    2. Visibility is less than 10 miles
    3. Raining

What should we wear?
During summer months dress for the warm weather to include a hat and sun screen. Shorts are OK, but please do not wear sandals or high heels as we occasionally land in fields with high grass where they would not be suitable. During the cooler part of our season, a warm winter jacket and pants and a hat and gloves are recommended.


Where do we fly?
We fly in Western North Carolina and meet our passengers just 10 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC.

Where do we meet and at what time?
Meeting time is between 6:00-7:20 AM.  Please note your meeting time on the flight confirmation email and visit our directions page for information on how to find out meeting place. Try to be on time as the earlier we launch means the longer the flight. If you have a cell phone, please make sure that we have that number. It makes it much more easy for us to communicate on the day of the flight especially if there are problems finding the meeting place. (Please make sure to check the directions page)

Where exactly do you launch from?
Our flying area is between in the Hominy Valley just west of Asheville, NC and adjacent to the Pisgah National Forrest. We Launch a “Pie-ball”, which is nothing but a balloonists term for a small helium balloon, to determine the wind direction more precisely. We then proceed “upwind” to one of our launch sites that will give us the longest possible flight.

Why do we have to fly so early in the morning?
Balloonists from all of the world like to fly early when the winds are calm and the temperatures are cool. Weather plays a crucial role in the conduct of ballooning. We only can do morning flights due to the afternoon temperatures and winds.

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