Double Splash and DashSometimes our hot air balloons have the good fortune to fly directly over Biltmore Lake. It is a calculated flight, but difficult to achieve due to changing wind currents. 

Many balloonist are fond of doing a maneuver called a “Splash & Dash”.  A splash & dash happens when the balloon goes down to skim the surface of the water. The trick is to touch  the water with the basket and not get your feet wet. We guarantee a splash & dash is a special bonus that is sure to maximize your adventurous nature.

1393876_3506850765238_1839084236_nThe best part about Ballooning in Asheville, NC is the amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We fly adjacent to the Pisgah National Forest on the west side of Asheville. Passengers who fly with us comment, “Any time of year would be perfect – the views are breath taking and the pilots and crew were very helpful, fun, and great tour guides. It’s so peaceful. Would go again!”

We fly year round and even though the fall is sought after all seasons have something special to offer. The winds tend to be calmer from mid-May until mid-September. We require wind speeds under six mph so those months are the best for calm winds. Unlike flying in parts of the country where the land is flat, flying in the Asheville area offers incredible mountain views. When the balloon ascends very high, perhaps even one mile above the surface you can see waves of beautiful blue mountains in every direction. Call us today to experience the grandeur of flying in the mountains. 828.707.2992.

There is no simple formula for predicting fall color during the month of October, usually mid to late month, but it depends on your elevation. Leaves begin changing first on the highest peaks and conclude in the lower elevations.Intensity of fall color and time of peak color vary and are determined by complex environmental factors, as well as the genetic makeup of the plants themselves.

The “best” fall color for an area occurs during the shortening days of autumn when days are bright, sunny and cool, when nights are cool but not below freezing, and when there has been ideal rainfall. Adequate rainfall also keeps the leaves on the trees longer and enhances the color. Wet, cloudy, warm weather or exceptionally low temperatures in early fall tend to mute the much anticipated autumnal display.

Asheville has one of the most dramatic displays of fall foliage in the country. Extreme elevations, and more than 100 species of deciduous (leaf shedding) trees, give the Blue Ridge Mountains one of the longest and most vibrant leaf seasons. Be sure to book your flight and overnight accommodations early because most places sell out for this sought after season. Call Asheville Balloon Company at 828.707.2992.

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