Flight Cancellations

We have a two week cancellation policy and require you to cancel at least two weeks before your flight. If your plans change please notify us as soon as possible.

All flights are weather dependent and may have to be rescheduled, but passengers are not obligated to reschedule if the flight is canceled due to weather conditions.

We reserve the right to cancel any flight if safety is ever in question and/or the weather conditions are deemed unfavorable by the pilot.

It is best to schedule a balloon flight with a back-up date in mind just in case weather conditions on the scheduled date are unfavorable for balloon flying.

We can never give you a 100% guarantee that we are good to go until we are in real time at the launch site. A flight will likely be cancelled when any of the following basic weather forecast is applicable:

  1. Surface wind speed is greater than 6 MPH or winds aloft are too fast
  2. Visibility is less than 10 miles
  3. Raining
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