I love to Fly!

1381532_10151712819023173_517782992_n[2] People who know me, know that I love to fly. I am just as comfortable off the ground as I am on the ground. I’ve always had a fascination with flying. My job as an international commercial pilot is a big  part of my flying experience. I view ballooning as the fine art of flying and I love to attend balloon rally’s and  have gas ballooning experiences.

“Flying has always been a part of my life”. I started out flying in high school and went on to be a career Airline Pilot. After flying as a Flight Instructor through college, I flew freight for a cargo operator in Texas. Then, later as a commuter airline pilot, where he was a captain on various turboprop aircraft for over 7 years. In 1996, I became a pilot for a major airline and have been flying international routes since then.

I made my first balloon flight in Hammond Louisiana back in 1987, and has ever since been attracted to the adventure of ballooning. As well as a Hot Air balloon Pilot, I have been rated as a Gas Balloon Pilot after training in Germany with one of the world’s most famous gas balloonists, Wilhiem Eimers.

Currently I am constructing a glider and I have plans to offer glider flights and gliding instructions for student pilots. Book a flight today to learn more about how excited I am about flying. 828.707.2992


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