Inspecting the balloon

Here at Asheville Balloon Company we take every precaution to insure your safety. The large balloon system can carry up to six passengers. The Balloon is a Cameron and it is considered to be the finest and safest hot air balloon on the market. The smaller balloon system is a Firefly and can carry up to three passengers.

The pilot will brief passengers on safety and procedures before they launch. During the flight passengers are encouraged to let the pilot know of other balloons, or obstructions such as power lines, ditches or fences that he may not be aware of. If the pilot has to cancel due to wind and/or rain, your flight can be rescheduled to the next mutually convenient day.

There are possible risks with all forms of flight. It is important for passengers to understand risks of personal injury, or loss of life, or damage or loss of property. The landings are most critical when higher winds exist. In higher wind a balloon may drag, bounce or tip. Typically though you will land softly, “standing up”.

Passengers are required to sign an “Acknowledgement and Release” waiver prior to flight. Captain Tom Mackie has over twenty-five years experience in ballooning and safety is his top priority. Feel free to ask questions. We fly seven days a week as the wind and weather permit.

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